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Jon decided after losing three limbs in Afghanistan that he was not going to roll over and give up but quite the opposite. He was going to live his life to the full and since the incident in June 2010 he has done just that. From learning to walk again, getting married, becoming a dad, completing the 125 mile Devises to Westminster Kayak Race and building his own Grand Design house and starting his Leadership Consultancy, he now enjoys sharing the journey he has been on with others as a inspirational speaker.

Jon has a range of prepared speeches:

TEDx Bucharest 2016 - How I discovered the path to forgiveness and leadership | Jon White | TEDxBucharest

"The Art of the Possible" is Jon's inspirational fifteen minute after dinner speech delivered without notes or slides.

"A Grand Design - The Why and How" is a half hour presentation on Jon's house build.

"Forgive and Be Happy - Be Happy and Be Successful" is Jon's trademark inspiring forty minute presentation covering his early career, passions, the explosion and the recovery. See Jon in action - Jon White Keynote

Jon has also delivered very technical presentations on his injuries and prosthetics from the patient perspective.  This includes demonstrations and Q&As. 

Testimonials for Jon's Speeches

"We've supported H4H for the last three years at our industry awards event, so we needed a speaker who could make a real impact. The extraordinary thing about Jon is that you don't feel sorry for him. He is so focused on what he can do rather than on what he cannot do. He is a great example to the vast majority of us who use pretty pathetic excuses for not doing those things we know we should. I would happily recommend Jon to anyone looking for a speaker for an event who will stop them in their tracks and make them rethink." - Clive Waller CWC Research

"Jon presented at our business conference in January 2013 .  His story is remarkable , the way he tells it with honesty and integrity is both humbling and inspirational at the same time . Feedback across the business has been unanimously positive and Jon's story has helped the team think about how they might be more courageous or employ greater conviction in both their working and private lives . I along with the other board members are now reviewing how we might utilise Jon's skills in a broader leadership development role within our business " - Fiona Hornsby Commercial Director Birchwood Price Tools

"Jon White is a real person and a real hero. He has an incredible attitude for life and is a true inspiration to all of us! How he has dealt with such a set back in his life and channelled this misfortune into such a positive, is truly incredible. He has a story that must be heard. I know no one that can inspire and galvanise a group of people to better and higher things than Jon. He gives you the belief that anything is possible with the right frame of mind!" 26 July 2013 - John Carter Chief Executive Officer - Travis Perkins Group PLC

See Jon in Action: Jonathan White 

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