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Jon was just 20 years old when he was given his first command of 30 Royal Marines.  He instantly realised that his rank and position were pretty meaningless when it came to leadership.  He had to find ways of earning the respect of the men, it turned out to be simple but hard work.  He had to set the example, he had to be what he wanted them to be.  The great thing about the military is that there are many others in the same or similar positions, so Jon not only pulls on his personal experiences, but also the failures and successes of many others - juniors, peers and seniors alike.  He has taken this one step further with his ongoing book project - "Who Leaders Lead".  Here Jon is interviewing high level leaders from across the Globe and from different disciplines.  Jon is now able to utilise what he has learnt from interviews with Kofi Annan, General Philip Breedlove USAF, Admiral Sir George Zambellas Royal Navy and John Carter CEO Travis Perkins Group.

Jon's passion is about instilling belief and developing the confidence to lead in others.  He does a lot of work around:

Maximising the use of the corporate brain
Servant leadership 
Motivating teams
Situational Analysis

This has helped Jon to develop a leadership programme, designed to develop potential leaders and leaders within the scope of their team, these courses can be tailored to your company’s requirements.  

His introductory programme "Leading Yourself - Who Would others follow?" consists of three ninety minute modules: 

Resilience - Jon uses his story to help people realise what they are capable of and then uses a simple "balance sheet" exercise to help delegates achieve a more positive and resilient mentality.

Planning - Delegates are given one simple piece of advice before being cast into a planning exercise, firstly alone and then as a team.  Jon uses the outcomes as a vehicle to deliver a simple situational analysis tool that assists with objective decision making and effective planning meetings.

Leadership - This is a simple introduction to leadership where Jon introduces the "Comand and Control vs Mission Command Spectrum" and Servant Leadership.  Delegates will develop an understanding of how to maximise the use of the Corporate Brain and create a work environment that fosters innovation and corporate success.

These can be delivered over the course of one day or individually and consist of a mixture of lectures, workshops and exercises.  Follow on programmes will be bespoke to the client.


Feedback for Jon's Leadership Programmes:

Really helpful and insightful, so much experience to draw on, asked the right questions at the right times.

Excellent Facilitation, very natural and at ease.

Excellent.  Great balance between presenting and group work.  Really impressed with Jon's ability to empathise and offer useful advice on topics he may not be familiar with. Used personal stories incredibly well to back up points.

Extremely good and very interesting way of making a point, I really found myself engaged all the way through.


See Jon in Action: Jonathan White

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